The last few months were quite nightmarish and to be honest with you I have a pretty good idea why. I have been a bit doubtful and much distressed because of what is going on and by the laws of attraction – negative emotions attract more of the same (unlike in physics). So by that logic, the fact that I have been experiencing an excess of negative emotions means that this attracts more negative emotions. It’s a perpetual whirlpool of negativity and despair. The situation is the same with money, when you think about it – the more you have, the more you make. That’s one of the core principles of capitalism, alongside consumerism.

But anyway, I’m not here to talk about that, not at all. I want to share the fact that there was yet another reason form e to hire professional cleaning help. I’m starting to see tendency and I’m not sure how exactly I feel about that. There is zero reason for me share this with you because you probably couldn’t care less about what I have to say about cleaning or how I had to hire a cleaning company to clean my home, but I will tell you about it anyway, because it is my understanding that when a person has an opinion or a story they want to share, they are absolutely free to do so on the Internet, even if nobody will care.

As a I said I was feeling sort of blue because of reasons and I really wasn’t in the mood for cleaning my flat yesterday, so I decided to call a cleaning company to deal with it for me. It is a god-awful experience to feel so down that you couldn’t accomplish even the most basic of tasks but in the end there is nothing more to do than just accept that fact and ask for help (or in my case – hire it). It wasn’t that big a deal, really. I just did a quick web search and clicked the first link ( I saw. It opened the site of Maids of London, so I went ahead and booked their services. There was a confirmation call, after which I started patiently waiting for those people to show up.

I was surprised that they sent only one cleaner, but after a while I understood why – she was a one-woman army.  She cleaned my flat so quickly, I barely realised when it was over. It was interesting to behold – somebody doing something so ordinary in such an extraordinary and professional manner. Anyway, the bottom line is that my flat was cleaned and I seized living like a swine. Hooray for me!