These tips are for cleaning actual windows. As for the operating system, I will probably lay down a few advices for that too, although it will be some time in the future. OK, here we go.

First of all, let’s start with something really annoying – stickers. They can be almost impossible to remove which makes them all the more annoying. If you ask different people, they will probably advertise different methods. I will tell you what works best for me. First, scrape as much of the sticker as you can. Use whatever tool you want, just watch that you don’t scratch the window too much (things like scratches on any surface bother me in general but if you don’t care – go crazy). After that you can use any commercial product to spray the remains of the sticker. Personally, I prefer making a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% hot water and spraying it a few times with that. The goal is for the remains to become wet. You wait for ten minutes, spray again and scrub – this should remove the remains.

Now you can wash your whole window. How do you do that? Again, you can use any commercial brand you want or you can use the same solution you made for the sticker removal. You can take a piece of old newspaper and use it to clean the windows after you’ve sprayed them. Don’t use circular motions or there may be some streaks left over. You can wipe them again after that with a piece of dry cloth (microfiber would be best) just to make sure they’re dry. If executed correctly, your windows should be perfectly shiny. Don’t do this in direct sunlight, otherwise the windows may dry out too quickly and streak.

If you use the water-vinegar solution and for some reason it is not enough (it happens – rarely, but it does), add a spoon of liquid detergent to the solution. That should fix your troubles.

Of course, sometimes it may be hard to do this on our own. Or maybe we just feel lazy. Cleaning windows is not my idea of a well-spent weekend and for this reason I sometimes call in a cleaning company – sometimes for window cleaning, sometimes for domestic, sometimes for carpet cleaning. What can I say – sometimes I do get too lazy. When it comes to cleaning, I’m like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.