As you’ve probably already noticed – I like cleaning. I’ve given you tips on how to do it, I’ve explained why I like it, and so the next subject I want to bring up will come as no surprise – cleaning music. What would be the best music to clean to? Certainly there can’t be a single answer. After all, everybody has different preferences when it comes to music. Although that is indeed the case, it is also true that different genres are more proper in certain contexts than others. With that in mind, I shall try finding a somewhat universal cleaning music.

One the music genres I like the most is rock. It’s a great type of music, although today’s bands aren’t really the best in what they do. Still, the spirit of the 70s, 80s and 90s lives on and will probably rock for at least another decade.  That aside, however, rock isn’t the best music for cleaning. The emotions it inspires aren’t the right emotions you need for cleaning. The cleaning music has to be calm and rhythmic, yet motivating. Rock is great for working out, for example, or other physical activities but is not great for cleaning.

Classical music isn’t great for cleaning, either. Although it’s calm and relaxing, it lacks the active, motivational part. Classical music is great for reading Dostoevsky but it’s not the ultimate cleaning music. That being said, it is still good music to clean to – it’s just, like I said, not the ultimate one.

Dubstep is absurd to clean to. I can’t really get my thoughts straight when I clean to dubstep. Also, I find myself more frequently waiting for the drop than actually cleaning which isn’t ideal (to say the least). Cleaning music should be something that gets you in the mood for cleaning – you press the play button and when it starts playing, you find yourself wanting to clean.

There was a time I tried cleaning to rap that that didn’t go so well. Like with dubstep – I found myself listening to the music more than actually cleaning. This is problematic – the music is supposed to help you clean, not prevent you. In that respect, rap is even worse than dubstep because there are lyrics to listen to.

I told what is not great and by now you probably think it’s high time I told you what I think is the best music to clean to. OK, I shall. There are a few winners – deep house, liquid drum & bass, jazz and chillout music, as a whole. Those styles are uninvolving, yet motivating. Out of everything I’ve tried over the years, those are the best. Also, you can find some cool cleaning compilations on YouTube.