There was one thing I never managed to understand – what’s with people’s obsessions with so called ‘stars’? Why are they supposed to be some sort of an elite and why does almost everybody pay this close attention to what they do or what happens in their lives. I mean, really – why do people care so much? It puzzles me more and more with every conversation I hear about it. Yesterday, I heard two colleagues arguing about something like that – out of two actors, who was better looking. One was saying the first and the other one was ardently defending the second. I don’t remember their names (they weren’t that popular), but they were from a show obviously the two girls watch (I’m calling them girls even though they are older than me because their behaviour is childish – it’s OK for 14-year-olds to have such arguments but it is inappropriate for young women in the their twenties). Anyway, they were arguing so passionately, so earnestly trying to prove their points – it was pathetic. I would understand arguing about something that matter – but who’s better looking? For people they have never even met and probably never will? For people who don’t even suspect of their existence? What’s the point? Obviously, they have never heard that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.


I really can’t understand it and here’s why – the way I see it, those people are entertainers. They live to entertain other people. They are what the king’s fool, jester, buffoon used to be, but on a global scale. The concept has changed a bit, but is the same in the core. They don’t do something productive so that they should be admired. They are well-paid clown who wear a different sort of make-up. Why do people admire them? They are not scientists, they don’t change our lives or our understanding of the world around us. A guy who appears in a film and acts like somebody else gets paid millions while scientists struggle to understand how things work. That doesn’t seem fair. Yes, I agree that entertains have talent (well, some of them) but that doesn’t they should be admired or celebrated as if they were superior beings. In a sense, the cleaning lady in your office is more productive, and moreover – more relevant to you but goes completely unnoticed (OK, maybe not the one in the video, but you get the main idea).


Furthermore, most entertainers are broken people. One shouldn’t admire them or want to be like them – one should pity them. Or do you think it is because they lead such full and rich, happy lives that they turn to drugs. Most of them are miserable. Why can’t people understand that? One day, I want my children to grow up in a world where truly great and productive people receive admiration. Don’t get me wrong, having entertainment is good but it doesn’t need, nor deserves all the hype.