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How You Treat Your Sofa

Posted by Kelly Mitchell on Thursday, February 7, 2013,

An old Indian saying states that how a person treats their sofa, the same way they treat themselves. I used to think this was pure bullshit, you know? The first time someone told me that, I thought they were bullshitting me and so I laughed and ignored them. But the last couple of days showed that this saying, Indian or not, was absolutely true. The better I treat my sofa, the better I treat myself, I notice.

For example, when I get drunk, I don’t treat my sofa very well, but I also do...

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Call Me "The Advisor"

Posted by Kelly Mitchell on Wednesday, June 13, 2012,

I am really satisfied with the situation at my home now. My kids have no sneezing and wheezing problems. I book upholstery cleaning every Friday just to be sure that there won’t be any dust mites problems.

I shared my experience with a friend of mine – Vivian. She has three kids. She lives with her family here in Kensington, too. When I explained to her what happened and what the problem was she was stunned. She also didn’t expect such things to be hiding inside her furniture. I offer...

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