First of all, I want to say I’m really sorry I deleted my old posts and re-posted them today. It happened that I had some platform issues but I hope everything is ok now. After advising my friend Vivian on taking care with the dust mites issues, I’ve been wondering what to do next. It’s really delighting to give tips to people. Helping someone makes me feel really satisfied with myself – I feel useful.

I’ve been wondering which cleaning service to use next to see what they will do. After using the upholstery cleaning services for my home, I’ve been quite enthusiastic about cleaning companies and their services. I’m paying interest and I’m even doing a little research on cleaning services and the different things that are offered here in Kensington. It’s hard to choose when you don’t have much information.

I’ve been reading some ranting about a certain company I would like to keep the name in secret. The clients had really negative opinions about it. What captured my attention was the fact that most of the cleaners stole from the clients. 90% of the opinions were saying something was missing after the visit of the company representatives. This is disgusting. How can people do such things? This is not acceptable. If you are in this business, what’s the point of stealing? You receive quite a good payment (I’ve read feedbacks) and you do not need to steal other people’s stuff, especially when you are expected not to do it and you will 99% be caught. It’s kind of hilarious sometimes.

Well, one company or one cleaner are not the criteria to judge the whole business. This is rarely seen. Most of the companies train and test their employees regularly in order to avoid such situations. I’m satisfied with the cleaning in my home and I’m sure there’s nothing missing. My task is to decide which service to use next. It’s a tough question and I’m thinking on solving it.