I still haven’t decided on which cleaning service to use next so I’m about to tell you some of my weekend experience.

I and my husband decided to chill out at home through the weekend and not saddle ourselves with any kind of domestic or similar tasks. On Saturday evening the kids went to sleep and we decided to watch a movie. Before the movie, we were sitting in front of the PC, just looking at some random funny stuff in Facebook.

The most fun part came when we were looking at a Jack Sparrow picture like Mona Lisa. When he saw it, he brutally erupted in laughter. He was literally rolling on the floor laughing. I can’t explain to myself the real reason for his laughter – the pic was funny but not that hilarious. Okay, let’s say that it was funny – there was a bad part of the whole situation – Thomas (my husband) was drinking orange juice when we saw the picture and when his laughter attack came he brutally spit all of the juice on the monitor. He might have been laughing at this but for me it wasn’t funny at all.

I had to clean the monitor as soon as possible – it was all wet and orange because of the juice. We have an LCD monitor and they are harder and tougher for cleaning than the CRT ones. The CRT monitors are easy to clean because of their glass surface – it makes them as easy to clean as any other glass surface in your home. LCD monitors require a little bit special attention because of their more sensitive displays. When you clean a LCD you have to follow these steps:

1)      1) You have to turn it off

2)      2) You have to use a dry and gentle cloth to wipe it. When you have a microfiber cloth it’s necessary to use it.

3)      3) You shouldn’t press on the screen. You have to clean it gently, even if the cloth doesn’t remove everything.

4)      4) If the cloth doesn’t clean the dirt/stains the right way, you have to dampen it with distilled water, a solution between water and white vinegar or with a special flat screen monitor cleaning spray if you have one.

NB! You really have to use a soft cloth because some kinds of cloths can scratch the screen and the effects on it can be negative and ugly.

I’m really caring about such surfaces and really don’t want them to be scratched and ugly. I used the vinegar and water solution to clean our screen and the effect was fine. I’m really glad nothing bad happened at my LCD monitor because it’s kind of new and I don’t want to buy a new one now.