I am really surprised from a commercial I saw in the Internet. It was really strange and at the same time hilarious. I watched a series of Panda cheese commercials on the Internet and they really blew me off.

I was trying to picture in my mind what will happen to me if I was attacked by such a panda. Yesterday I was offered to try a certain kind of cheese in the supermarket.  I refused and went home with the pack of cheese I actually eat. I eat only the type I buy and I’m not open to new offers.

And what would happen if I had to refuse the certain type of Panda cheese in the supermarket? The outcome will probably be hilarious. I imagine just sitting on my desk like right now and seeing the big panda in front of me. It will probably break all of my stuff and throw my pizza box on my head.

As I watched the video and saw the whole misery that the panda made I was literally shocked. It was disgusting. It made a complete mess in the office and in the kitchen. Who is supposed to clean this stuff? You have to book a deep clean to make your place shine after such a scenery. If something similar happens to me just because I haven’t bought cheese the whole situation will be truly pathetic.

I’ve been horrified by these commercials, really. The sick mind behind the idea was brutally brain-damaged. And that’s a cheese commercial. Really, I just can’t understand it.

After all, the commercial was funny. I and my colleagues erupted in brutal laughter when we watched it. But if you really don’t want messy problems, don’t walk around the cheese stands in the supermarket – there might be a big panda watching you. BEWARE!

Here is a link to the video. Check it out by yourselves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X21mJh6j9i4