One of my favorites is jogging. I do it only in Kensington Gardens. It’s an everyday must for me. I do it every morning from 6 to 7. It’s really inspiring, refreshing and, of course, healthy!

                I’ve jogged alone for more than 5 years but a couple of months ago I met an on friend of mine – Kate. It turned up that she moved to Kensington and she also jogged around in the gardens. We’ve been like so good friends from then on. We see each other every morning; talk with each other about our problems with our families, jobs, kids and so on. We can literally talk about everything that comes to mind.

                Jogging with someone is not that easy though. Most of the times you try to talk you end up running out of breath and both your talking and breathing fail. That’s why me and Kate go to a café nearby after we finish jogging. It’s such a pleasure to have one big, strong coffee and water after you’ve jogged for an hour. That’s the moment when we discuss everything that comes to our minds.

                What captured my attention yesterday was a theme we talked about that was really important and at the same time so inevitable for us – the ladies. It’s called cleaning. It sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it? Well, while we were drinking coffee and discussing what our men do, just complaining like some desperate housewives, a van of a cleaning company passed by. From what we could read, a carpet cleaning label captured our eyes. There was our big theme for discussion – carpet cleaning.

                I usually clean at home by myself. I don’t need any help. I think I can cope with this assignment on my own. But Kate shared that she uses the services of a cleaning company. If she can afford it – okay. She shared that she has ran into some  really lazy and worthless employees . Last time she called about a big stain from cranberry juice on her beige carpet. The service responded and seemed to try and clean the stain but it turned up that they didn’t even use some detergent to try to clean the stain – they just faked the process of cleaning using only water. She was really negative about this company and said that she would never again use their services because of the negligence they showed to their work. This made a bad impression of this special service in my mind. After all, we work in order to earn money. We don’t have to hide like mouses and pretend to work just for the day to pass by.

                I’m really bored in the afternoon and I have no patience to wait for tomorrow morning. I just wanna go jogging with Kate in order to relax my mind and brain and just prepare for the new day, filled with some new challenges.