If you really want to maintain your kitchen cabinets free of dirt and looking pleasantly to the eye I am going to give you some tips on keeping them looking nice in the right way.

It’s commonly seen – we always leave fingerprints, food residues, greasy buildups and similar dirty stuff on our kitchen cabinets. These things also make them look dull and dirty. If you leave the stains last some time on such surfaces they become really hard to clean and it requires much more time.

This is my advice on how to clean the kitchen cabinets. The main things you need include cleaning cloths and dish soap. Commercial cabinet cleaners and all-purpose cleaners are optional.

Here are the steps to clean different parts of the cabinets:

1)      Exterior cleaning – the most common met materials that the cabinets are made of are metal, plastic laminate, painted wood and vinyl. They can be easily cleaned with a solution of dish soap liquid and warm water. This can get you rid of the food residues stains, the dust and light grease build-ups. After the solution treatment you should rinse with another cloth and then dry it with a third cloth.

2)      Interior cleaning – you should really empty all the cabinet’s spaces. You should remove the shelf lining if it’s necessary. Use a mild detergent and warm water to wash the inside of the cabinets. If there are aggregations of dust and food, you can first vacuum the inside after you have emptied it. Then you should wipe with the solution. In the end wipe down with a dry cloth.

You can also use an all-purpose cleaner to clean your cabinets but you should try it somewhere first. Choose a not so visible spot and test the cleaning material on it to be sure that you won’t damage the finish of your cabinet.

This is my advice on how to clean your kitchen cabinets. I hope that I’ve been really helpful to you. I’ve already tried these methods – they are tested and I can assure you that you won’t regret applying them!