An old Indian saying states that how a person treats their sofa, the same way they treat themselves. I used to think this was pure bullshit, you know? The first time someone told me that, I thought they were bullshitting me and so I laughed and ignored them. But the last couple of days showed that this saying, Indian or not, was absolutely true. The better I treat my sofa, the better I treat myself, I notice.

For example, when I get drunk, I don’t treat my sofa very well, but I also don’t treat myself very well. I eat a lot of junk food; drink even more alcohol, which is making me sick in the morning; and end up throwing up on the carpet or the sofa, itself. So, in an essence, how you treat your sofa does reflect how you treat yourself.

Last time I got drunk at home, I threw up on the sofa. The next day, I felt so terrible, I can’t even describe it. And the smell of vomit throughout the whole apartment didn’t help, either. In the end, I had to call a cleaning company to deal with this due to my inability. I called Cleanster and luckily, they took care of the problem soon enough. I had to pay for that, and to buy myself medicine because I got sick. Overall, what happened to the sofa, happened to me, too. That was quite unfortunate but it showed me the significance of this wisdom. The way treat things other than yourself show who you really are.


This goes double for people. A person who is nice to you but not the waiter in the restaurant you’re eating in is not a nice person. Good people are generally good. They have their bad days, of course, just like everybody else, but they are positive through the rest of the time. They are good and treat everybody rather well – from the store clerk to the stranger on the bus. Bad people are bad in general. They don’t have a bad day, they are just assholes who only care about numero uno – themselves. With some people the problem is neurological but for most – it’s their upbringing; also the media constantly telling you that you should compete with others, society telling you it’s so important to be successful, and generally the whole notion of opportunity, money and success.

But sometimes people treat their things much better than they treat people, which means they are not good people. Although the point is still valid – these people tend to treat themselves rather well, as well. It’s all subjective and a matter of perspective.