Oh, the horror. One of the worst things happened to me last night. It was truly dreadful and horrendous. I almost destroyed my carpet. I am glad that the carpet cleaners managed to clean it because I like it – it fits my room perfectly.

 It’s my friend’s fault. If he hadn’t given me that inkstand I wouldn’t have gone through all of this. OK, it’s not his fault I’m clumsy, but still – it was so frustrating. Probably nothing I say right now makes any sense to you so I better give you a little retrospection in order to clear things up.

 One of my friends got me an inkstand for my birthday. Since I love reading, I’ve arranged my room and got my furniture to match my needs. I have a library, a wooden desk and nice, cosy chair. My friend, however, decided that my desk was incomplete due to the lack of an inkstand which, supposedly would’ve matched it greatly (and to be honest, that it did). So that’s what he decided to get me for my birthday. Everything was great until last night I tripped and I spilled the carpe. I have no idea how it happened just that it did. I ran to the bathroom to get some cleaning products and supplies and a bucket of water and tried to get the ink out while the stain was still fresh. However, this only made the matters worse. Not only did I not clean it, I also made the stain bigger. Next, I decided to try with white vinegar, though that didn’t work out either. It was just horrible. What was I supposed to do? The carpet is white the stain is as obvious as the stars in the clear night sky (OK, we don’t get many of those, but you get the picture – if not, Google it). After I tried scrubbing it again with the hard brush for at least 15 minutes I saw that there was no sense in trying. The carpet was gone, which is a shame, because, like I said, it was a nice carpet that fit my room perfectly.

 I was ready to give up when I got an idea – I couldn’t clean it, but maybe the guys from the cleaning company could. So I decided to call them. When they came today, I showed them the stain but I didn’t really have the power to watch. I don’t know how much time had passed and what sorcery those guys used, but they managed to get the darn stain out. If I didn’t know there was a stain there, I probably wouldn’t have believed if somebody told me. Those guys just made my day.