Everybody knows that everybody else uses a fridge in his house, in his restaurant, even in his office. It’s something really needed in order to keep foods in good condition and preserve them from getting moldy and unsuitable for eating.
Yes, we are using the fridge every day, but how do we maintain it in order for it to work efficiently and do we make something to make it last longer? Probably not much. It contains your food inside so you have to keep its hygiene levels really high if you don’t want to endanger your health. Here are some of my ideas/tips on how to keep it clean regularly.
First of all, you should remember that you have to clean the fridge every week. You should remove all the shelves and compartments. Wash them with a soap and water solution that is recommended to be warm. Then just rinse them with normal water and let them dry. After that male a solution with two spoons baking soda in every litre of water (it must be warm again). Use this solution to wipe the inside.
Use the same solution for the rubber door seal – it’s hard to reach but you can use a toothbrush to help yourself. Another important part is the outside of the door and the handle. You have to check them and clean them regularly just to avoid germs spreading.
 If you have some stains inside the fridge you can make a paste of baking soda and water and rub them gently – just to be careful not to scratch the surface. You can also use toothpaste instead of this soda paste.
You should also take care of the outside of the fridge. You should pull it away from the wall and vacuum its back. This will help increasing its efficiency and will prevent you from filling it up frequently.
So these were my advices on how to maintain your fridge clean. Take care and make sure that your food stays in a health-safe place.