I am a fan of the Sci-Fi genre, so naturally I often think about the future in a nerdy way – how cool would it be if we lived in the 22nd century, for example, and what would life be? I think that in a hundred, a hundred and fifty years from now, all manual labour will be accomplished by robots. The technology will possibly make working in that way obsolete for human beings and we will have a lot more time to actually live – you know, do what we like (or rather find out what we like). If Dr Michio Kaku is correct, then by that time countries will possibly have seized to exist and we will have started our lives in a Type 1 Civilization. How awesome.

But right now I’m supposed to be cleaning my room instead of writing all of this. I don’t want to do it but I have to. So instead of doing it right away, I will first describe a picture – a wonderful world where no cleaning is required (not by humans, anyway). I hope that helps me to get in the mood and actually clean around here.

In the future, nanotechnology will probably be pretty advanced and integrated into many of the common household objects so they will essentially be cleaning themselves. You carpet, your table, your windows – all of them will have the ability to clean themselves up. The nanobots will be programmed in such way that whenever they detect dirt, dust or anything out of the regular they will clean it immediately and the more ghastly the cleanliness problem is – the more of them will be included in the process of solving it. Of course, dishes will have the same functions. Their nanobots will be programmed as to detect changes in the pressure, weight and movement of the plate. If no movement, pressure changes or changes in mass and/or density are detected in half an hour, the nanobots will be dispatched immediately in order to dissolve the leftovers and possibly convert them into energy, stored for future use.

Clothes will have the same functions – every time they detect a deviation from the default values the nanobots will start cleaning it, preserving the cloth. I also imagine clothes will be far more comfortable yet safe for you, in the future.

There will be a ‘tidying robot’ integrated in every room of the house or flat which, when commanded, will tidy everything according to your wishes. Yes, I would love to live in such an environment but, sadly, now I have to go and do all of aforementioned myself.