Carpet cleaning can sometimes be problematic, especially when you’re trying to get blue ink out of a light carpet. I guess that in order to make things clearer, I’ll have to start the story from the beginning.

Since I like writing, a friend got an inkstand for my birthday as a “lucky charm” against writer’s block. A few months later (yesterday) I tripped and accidently spilled the ink on my light carpet. You can imagine the horror I felt. I tried to clean it but my efforts were absolutely futile – I only made things worse. I started looking for a solution online (I didn’t want to change the carpet) but I found nothing I could do, except for hiring professionals. After doing a little research, I realised that paying professional cleaners to clean my carpet would be much cheaper than buying a new one. I like what I saw on the site of Captain Clean – the name sounded catchy, the prices were good and I decided to give them a shot.  I booked their carpet cleaning services online and waited for a call. When the girl called me, we specified the when and where and she said the cleaners could be in my home in a few hours.

While I was waiting, I kept myself busy. I tidied up a bit, got everything ready for the arrival of the cleaners - moved the desk, the furniture, etc. Everything was ready when they rung on my door. I let them in and let them do their job. They told the stain looked bad but they would do everything in their power to make it alright again. It was interesting watching them work but I didn’t want to disturb them so I went to the other room – there was stuff I had to do there, too.

I don’t know how much time had passed but when I went to check on them, they were just finishing and said they had good news – the stain got off and I didn’t need to change the carpet. That was good news, indeed.

I paid them and they were on their way. It was totally worth it – my carpet looked as good as new. They had done an awesome job. Next time I should be a little more careful not to end up such situations – I was scared half to death that the stain couldn’t be removed. “What’s the big deal?” – You’d probably ask. First of all, it’s a pretty nice carpet and second – it’s pretty expensive so paying professional cleaners to remove the stain was but a fragment of its price. Also, it’s in perfect sync with the rest of the room.