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Fridge Cleaning Tricks

Posted by Kelly Mitchell on Friday, July 20, 2012,
Everybody knows that everybody else uses a fridge in his house, in his restaurant, even in his office. It’s something really needed in order to keep foods in good condition and preserve them from getting moldy and unsuitable for eating.
Yes, we are using the fridge every day, but how do we maintain it in order for it to work efficiently and do we make something to make it last longer? Probably not much. It contains your food inside so you have to keep its hygiene levels really high if you do...
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Kitchen Cabinets Cleaning Tricks

Posted by Kelly Mitchell on Tuesday, July 10, 2012,

If you really want to maintain your kitchen cabinets free of dirt and looking pleasantly to the eye I am going to give you some tips on keeping them looking nice in the right way.

It’s commonly seen – we always leave fingerprints, food residues, greasy buildups and similar dirty stuff on our kitchen cabinets. These things also make them look dull and dirty. If you leave the stains last some time on such surfaces they become really hard to clean and it requires much more time.

This is ...

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Never Say No To Panda

Posted by Kelly Mitchell on Tuesday, July 3, 2012,

I am really surprised from a commercial I saw in the Internet. It was really strange and at the same time hilarious. I watched a series of Panda cheese commercials on the Internet and they really blew me off.

I was trying to picture in my mind what will happen to me if I was attacked by such a panda. Yesterday I was offered to try a certain kind of cheese in the supermarket.  I refused and went home with the pack of cheese I actually eat. I eat only the type I buy and I’m not open to new o...

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