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Why a Cleaning Company had to Clean Our Office in Kensington

Posted by Kelly Mitchell on Wednesday, December 19, 2012,
The office environment is usually an official one (unless you work for Google, but most companies are not Google). However, sometimes when the emotions escalate (negative or positive ones, it doesn’t matter), not only does the office become more unofficial, but even there may be some damage caused to it (even if it’s just an aesthetic sort of damage). To make the picture even more colourful, sometimes the reason the emotions escalate is alcohol which means that once an uncontrollable burs...
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Carpet Cleaning Problem in Kensington

Posted by Kelly Mitchell on Thursday, December 6, 2012,
Carpet cleaning can sometimes be problematic, especially when you’re trying to get blue ink out of a light carpet. I guess that in order to make things clearer, I’ll have to start the story from the beginning.

Since I like writing, a friend got an inkstand for my birthday as a “lucky charm” against writer’s block. A few months later (yesterday) I tripped and accidently spilled the ink on my light carpet. You can imagine the horror I felt. I tried to clean it but my efforts were absol...
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