I’ve never thought I’ll need the services of a cleaning company. As I said in my previous post I clean my home by myself and I’m having no problems with that. It’s a pleasant task for me and when I see the result of my efforts I get a feeling of delight and self-complacency.

Last week my children were waking up sneezing and wheezing and complaining that they were not feeling very well. I was trying to figure out what the problem is but there was no explanation so we went to the doctor. We were really nervous to find the reason…after all, health is a very important segment of our life. After some medical tests it turned out that my kids have a dust mite allergy.

When I learned about this I made some serious research on dust mites and the allergies they can cause. I found out that dust mites live in our upholstery, especially in mattresses, pillows, curtains, carpets etc. They propagate in high temperatures. I keep the temperatures in my children’s room high because they are little and need to live in a comfortable, warm and safe environment. I always protect them from catching some kinds of colds and viruses. But this was something I didn’t really expect. I didn’t even know what dust mites represented. I’ve only heard about them as a term, but didn’t ever think about what they really are.

So, I was really scared about my children’s health. We tries using some bedroom packs, sprays, air purifiers but it didn’t work out, so I figured out something new. I decided to rely on the services of a cleaning company. Last week I and Kate saw a van of a cleaning company with a carpet cleaning label that captured our attention. I searched the Internet and found the company labeled on the van. I booked carpet cleaning services and upholstery cleaning ones for our mattresses, curtains, pillows, sofas and chairs. I decided to choose this company because Kate wasn’t delighted by the services of the company she used and I was ready to try something different.

They came at my house on Friday and after they finished their work I put in use the bedroom packs, sprays and air purifiers again and from Sunday till now my kids have stopped sneezing and wheezing at all. I am very pleased with the work the company cleaners did and I will definitely use their services again. I was skeptic in the beginning but now I’m surprised in the best kind of way. I even recommended that company to Kate. I’m hoping she uses their services and tells me about her impressions of them.